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During the 1166, Ireland’s the new High King and Mac Murchadha’s just friend Muircheartach Ua Lochlainn had fell, and you can a big coalition contributed by the Tighearnan Ua Ruairc (Mac Murchadha’s arch opponent) marched towards the Leinster. Ua Ruairc and his allies grabbed Leinster effortlessly, and you will Mac computer Murchadha and his spouse hardly fled with their existence. Mac Murchadha fled so you can Wales and from that point in order to England and you will France, for having Queen Henry II’s accept getting invited hire troops to revive so you can Ireland and reclaim his kingship. On the back to Wales, Robert Fitzstephen helped him organize a great mercenary army away from Norman and Welsh soldiers, and Richard de Clare, next Earl regarding Pembroke, alias Strongbow

In the lack, Ruaidhri Ua Conchobhair (man away from Mac Murchadha’s former enemy, Large King Toirdhealbhach) had become brand new Higher Queen away from Ireland. Mac Murchadha prepared not only to retake Leinster, however, so you can oust the fresh Ui Conchobhair clan and be new Highest Queen regarding Ireland themselves. The guy rapidly retook Dublin, Ossory while the former Viking payment regarding Waterford, and you will inside a few days got each one of Leinster inside the handle again. Then marched for the Tara (up coming Ireland’s financing) to help you oust Ruaidhri. Mac Murchadha wagered you to Ruaidhri wouldn’t harm the new Leinster hostages he got (in addition to Mac Murchadha’s oldest man, Conchobhar Mac Murchadha). Although not Ua Ruairc pushed their hand and have been all of the murdered.

Diarmaid’s army upcoming missing the battle. He sent phrase in order to Wales and pleaded having Strongbow to come in order to Ireland as fast as possible. Strongbow’s quick push got for the Wexford which have Welsh and you can Norman cavalry and you can grabbed over one another Waterford and you will Wexford. Then they got Dublin. MacMurrough try devastated following death of his guy, Domhnall, retreated so you’re able to Ferns and passed away a couple months afterwards.

Gerald off Wales, a great Cambro-Norman historian which decided to go to Ireland and you can whose uncles and you may cousins had been prominent troops regarding the army regarding Strongbow, said of Mac Murchadha:

Strongbow hitched Dermot’s daughter Aoife off Leinster into the 1170, since the she is a great heiress, and thus the majority of their (and his awesome followers’) home is actually provided so you’re able to your beneath the Irish Brehon laws, and later reconfirmed under Norman legislation. The wedding was envisioned and you will decorated on Intimate design into the 1854 by Daniel Maclise.

For the Irish records instructions composed once 1800 from the period of nationalism, Diarmaid Mac Murchadha try will seen as a beneficial traitor, however, their intent was not to aid an English attack from Ireland, but alternatively to utilize Henry’s assistance to end up being the Highest Queen regarding Ireland himself. He previously no chance out of once you understand Henry II’s dreams within the Ireland. Within his go out, government are according to dynasties and you will Ireland was not ruled given that a single condition. Consequently, Henry II failed to thought himself become English or Norman, however, French, and you will try just replying to this new basic facts on to the floor.

He additional „Lord away from Ireland” to his a great many other headings

„Today Dermot is a man extreme out of prominence and you will stout out of frame; an excellent soldier whose cardio was at the brand new arena, and you may held valiant one of his or her own country. Off usually shouting his battle-cry their voice had become hoarse. One who manage oppress his better vassals, as he raised to help you large station guys away from lowly birth. A beneficial tyrant to his own subjects, he had been disliked by strangers; their hands is actually against most of the man, and every man’s give up against him.”

Immediately after Strongbow’s winning attack, Henry II climbed a moment and large attack for the 1171 so you can verify his control over their Norman victims, and therefore succeeded. Then accepted brand new distribution of one’s Irish leaders inside Dublin. He along with made sure that his ethical claim to Ireland, supplied from the 1154 papal bull Laudabiliter, is actually reconfirmed inside the 1172 because of the Pope Alexander III by a great synod of all of the Irish bishops in the Cashel.