What to expect at a great Nigerian Wedding

Nigeria was a beneficial potpourri of dialects, religions, countries, and traditions. Nigeria has actually an estimated 371 tribes, a portion of the three being Igbo, Hausa, and you will Yoruba. The world is largely partitioned with Muslims about north and you can Christians on southern area. Wedding receptions of all of the sides are generally all of the-away, multi-date, colourful facts having several social ins and outs. Oftentimes, everybody’s invited, your outfit ily you are regarding, and you may a little virtually, they rains currency.

When the allowed to a beneficial “Naija” marriage, plan serious merrymaking, moving, and dinner into the heart’s posts. We looked to gurus Feyisola Ogunfemi and you will Treasure Odeyemi to answer specific Faqs regarding the Nigerian wedding receptions.


  • Feyisola Ogunfemi is actually an effective Nigerian relationship planner along with a decade of experience, as well as the manager from Statuesque Occurrences, and that focuses on multicultural wedding events into East Shore and overseas. She grew up doing weddings given that the lady family relations patterns personalized antique attire (aso-ebi) worn in the Nigerian marriage ceremonies.
  • Jewel Odeyemi is the maker of Touching off Gem Incidents and you may Habits, a meeting and you can wedding preparation team based in Dallas. She has structured a lot of ethnic and you may multicultural wedding parties for the past eight years and racked right up several honours in the act.

“Very travelers wear eveningwear until aso-ebi (color-coordinated antique clothing) is actually specified,” shows you Ogunfemi. “Elders constantly prefer to wear aso-ebi and this is the outcome both in Nigeria and you can abroad.” Likewise, non-Nigerians who would like to wear traditional attire to help you wedding parties try desired to do so.

Nigerian nuptial ceremonies are usually ranging from 30 minutes to a single hour long as the reception fundamentally lasts from 4 to 6 hours therefore there clearly was enough time getting clothes transform and adequate dance.

“This new presence otherwise absence of alcoholic beverages will mainly confidence the fresh new opinions and you will religion of your own few,” claims Ogunfemi. You can usually select white and red wine, carbonated drinks, hand drink (stolen from a palm-tree), and you will Guinness. Nigeria is the 2nd-premier marketplace for Guinness-application after The uk. Recommended Champagne and morale names include Moet & Chandon, Hennessy, and you can Remy Martin.

You’ll find numerous layers in order to wedding events out of every group straight from the fresh new suggestion. To own Igbo and you may Yoruba anyone, the standard relationships comes first, followed by a church service that is often referred to as brand new “white wedding” considering the colour of the newest bride’s dress. One another ceremonies could well be weeks, days, or weeks aside. The fresh white wedding generally takes place in a chapel, however, progressive partners was choosing non-denominational spots.

The greater number of new merrier ‘s the motto in the Nigerian wedding parties, which regularly meet or exceed 250 subscribers. RSVPs are often futile and you can matrimony crashing are de- rigueur thus extra subscribers is actually preemptively focused getting. Nigerian wedding events is neighborhood festivals in which stretched family relations, faraway family, residents, and well-wishers of any diversity are required. Marriage is a prominent milestone with the pair too because their mothers who’ll proudly receive as many people just like the you can in order to partake in their child’s end.

The brand new Fiance Rates

It’s universal across most Nigerian people with the kid to include an agreed gang of facts with the bride’s loved ones before relationships are participating. That is also known as eru iyawo in the Yoruba, rubu dinar within the Hausa, or simply because the bride price. This doesn’t signify a female has been offered, but it is rather a good symbolic gesture to prove the child can perform taking care of her and their the brand new nearest and dearest economically.

What to anticipate from the an effective Nigerian Matrimony

“That is in order to make up the new bride’s family towards losses of income or work they are wearing down on the members of the family of the marrying the lady and you will getting this lady away,” claims Ogunfemi. “This may sometimes be somewhat higher in addition to speed grows if the the woman has an effective university training. The newest groom’s relatives brings the fresh new asked points as soon as it’s calculated that they usually have found the requirements, the event is go ahead.” The fresh new bride pricing is usually a mix of dollars and you will gifts between gowns, household goods, eating, and sometimes animals.